What is Volume Testing?

When one of the critical goals of an application is to handle large amount of data, it becomes important to test how the application performs when flooded with large data volumes. Hence, sometimes, Volume Testing is also referred to as Flood Testing.

In Volume Testing, the database is expanded to a volume size which is needed to perform the test and then the system is filled with that volume of data and identify the problems that are likely to occur at that data volume.

It is important to note that experienced testers consider not only the current expected data volume, but a volume of data that is projected to arrive in the next 5 years or so. This is where the client, the development team and the testing team really need to converge to ensure that the application operates error free even after a certain period of time and does not cause issues due to a future data flooding.

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Benefits of Volume Testing

Volume testing is considered as one of the more important tests, as it checks the execution of certain tasks and features under heavy volumes of data – something  that will be necessary to declare the application thoroughly tested and verified okay.

Volume Testing helps identify the problems that are likely to occur at certain data volumes. It also helps in determining a point of data volume after which the performance and stability of the system starts getting negatively affected.

In a nutshell, Volume Testing allows to check the maximum capacity of an application or a system under normal and heavy data volume conditions.

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