What is Usability Testing?

Who better to test your software than the users themselves? No matter what tests you’ve run on the system, testing is incomplete without Usability Testing because the end user is at the centre of this test. Usability Testing is carried out with actual users to determine how intuitive the software is from the point of view of the user.

Usability Testing helps determine how easy it is to learn the software, how convenient it is to operate and how attractive it is to the users under specific test conditions.

There are three main types of Usability Tests: Comparative, Explorative and Evaluative.

Usability Testing is usually performed along with System Testing and Acceptance Testing.


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Benefits of Usability Testing

Usability Tests offer a number of benefits apart from giving a first hand review from the users. It provides valuable feedback and helps improve your software’s interactive experience. Usability Testing provides a fresh

Effective Usability Testing has been shown to decrease support costs, enhance user satisfaction, and save time and money on redesign efforts.

By observing and monitoring the user behaviour, the testing team gets valuable inputs on what best supports user’s goals and motivations.

A below-par user experience can negatively influence the brand image of the company.  Also, in a competitive market, if you don’t provide a superior user experience, then the end users are likely to switch to your competitor’s. Your loss is your competitor’s gain!

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