TravelOne – TechPure’s Flagship SaaS Portal

Looking at the popularity of our latest flagship SaaS, people often ask us – what is TravelOne? In this blog post. we explore how this software can help you grow your travel business!


Sales automation commands paramount importance in a business world rife with cut-throat competitors. It possesses the potential to eliminate so many repetitive, manual and time consuming tasks. Our sales feature is equipped with customizable tools such as automated sales activities, forecasting, pipeline management, customer tracking and many more. These tools equip you with the power to streamline your sales cycle.


Customers are driven by perceptions. We have seen so many success stories built upon the altar of massive marketing campaigns that have been successful in shaping customer perceptions. Marketing is as much about smart strategy as it is about the money pumped. Our marketing feature is designed to help you prioritize and execute your marketing tasks in a more systematic and efficient way. You can measure your team’s marketing efforts with their conversion ratio on daily basis with ease.


TechPure Booking Engine is a must-have for travel companies aiming to increase profit margins and avoid paying considerable commission to sales agents. Travel Booking Engine represents the key-element of a travel website software, allowing direct sales of tourism products on company’s business portal. Showcasing B2C travel offers on the company’s website can be profitable in many ways, especially when it presents a possibility to manage and promote your own travel products.


Customer is the king of the market and we understand that kings don’t like to wait. Being there for your customers, 24×7, is the rule of thumb to achieve effective CRM. TechPure CRM feature tackles this necessity by scheduling personalised responses and notifying clients based on intelligent workflows thereby providing a constant, warm and welcoming touch to your customers.


Most challenges that businesses face are often caused by poor communication practices. Our team has traveled extraordinary lengths to ensure we do not let you face any challenge arising out of miscommunication. The TechPure Communication Module helps you establish consistent and seamless communication channels among everyone involved in the business – you, your employees, your partners and your clients.


Look around! Most of the websites that your competitors have are merely facades with no e-commerce capabilities. Visitors can neither search nor book flights and hotel rooms. Our goal is to help travel companies build their online businesses and it encompasses much more than just designing websites. We are there with you at every step – from laying the first brick of strategic foundation to building a complete online business platform.


TechPure API Integration is a solid feature that helps you build a robust software-based business ecosystem by tapping into the potential of someone else’s work. We are cock-sure that the APIs we offer are stable and help you implement dynamic solutions to all the challenges that your business is currently facing or is likely to face.


Which are the companies that hit your imagination when you think of the brands that are killing it on social media? We believe the first five companies that come to your mind are probably B2C (business to consumer). You seldom hear about a B2B company that’s crushing it on social media. Well, our team has cracked the social media code for B2B success and are already helping the existing customers leverage its power.


Search Engine Optimization or SEO as it is commonly abbreviated allows search engines like Google to crawl through your website content and display it on the first page of search results. Well, it takes time, skill and effort to master this craft and we believe that your valuable time can be more productively spent elsewhere if we can handle this drudgery for you. TechPure SEO feature ensures that your targeted audience sees your site, clicks through to visit your site and ultimately converts, either by purchasing a product, filling in a form, calling you or subscribing: whatever your goal is.


Employers and executives spend a lot of time on streamlining their HR functions and policies. TechPure HRM feature lets you automate a significant number of HR processes and gives you the freedom to invest your time more productively. The otherwise herculean tasks such as maintaining employee record, recruitment, onboarding and Payroll Management can be managed with ease. After all, an HR team firing from all cylinders can cut costs and exponentially increase profitability.


TechPure is a proud pioneer of integrating financial accounting alongside a wide range of killer features. After all, as an entrepreneur, you constantly want to know how all your inputs – money, time and energy are linked with the financial output. We use standard accounting principles to record, summarize and present all your transactions in the form of a financial statement such as an income tax statement or a balance sheet.


What cannot be measured cannot be controlled. In an age where data analytics rule the roost in so many industries, why should the travel industry lag behind? The TechPure Reporting feature leverages the power of smart business intelligence tools to provide you with an in-depth summary of key data points with indicative metrics. This tailor-made reporting feature is useful for managers at all levels in your organization as they can make informed decisions to respond to any new challenges.

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