Why TravelOne?

In times when digital technology is quickly disrupting age old businesses, it is probably time for a rejig in travel industry. For quite so long, travel companies have relied on pen and paper model to take inquiries and submit quotations. At best, companies have been using email communication – which is essentially manual. We, at TechPure, have put in years of effort to develop a software that automates your travel business end to end – from taking inquiries and submitting quotations to bookings and financial accounting.

The strength of brand loyalty begins with how people feel about your product features. TechPure’s feature rich TravelOne software gives you that extra edge you’ve been missing!

How does TravelOne help you grow?

We understand what it takes to scale your travel business!

Increased Efficiency

Reduce time taken for a typical business task by at least 4 times!

Customer Connect

We help you focus on customer service and ergo, delight!

Higher Profit Margins

Weed out all unnecessary costs and boost your profit margins!

Why automate your business?

As an entrepreneur, you know that taking inquiries, preparing quotations with multiple options and subsequent booking processes can take a lot of your time if done manually. Sending emails and text messages can be laborious and inefficient. Not to mention, keeping a tab on employee performance is a limiting factor to how much you can scale your business. With TravelOne, we give you complete automation at your finger tips – inquiries, quotations, bookings, financial accounting, social media, employee monitoring. You know exactly what is going on at any point of time with respect to any and all aspects of your travel business so that you can divert your attention to more meaningful tasks that actually help you scale and expand.

Key Features

Inquiries & Quotations

Reduce time for taking inquiries & sending quotations by 3 times.

Booking Engine

Book flights, rooms and sight-seeing in a fast and intuitive manner.

Financial Accounting

Automate book-keeping and A/P invoices to generate error free reports.

360 Degree HRM

Manage HR recruitment, payroll and performance of employees.

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