Virtual Tour Assistant App

“TravelOne” is the pioneer for these offerings in Travel & Leisure industry as we develop and constantly upgrade one of the best ever API integrated module to assist the End User from the time of Booking with operator up-to his return from his vacation.

Execution by Operator

Only the operator may create a login for the end user, upon receiving booking and payment. The Login details are sent via e-mail along with his itinerary. User only needs to log-in once, and is also allowed to regenerate a password via OTP on his mobile in case he forgets.

Present and Past Tour History of End User

Once the End User logs into the App, the page will display previous history of tours finished with the same operator. He will not be able to access his present Tour details which includes Flight Departure & Arrival schedules, Hotel & Sightseeing until a few days before commencement of his present tour. This is kept in accordance as there are live updates on the itinerary as per driver or coach number, flight delay or updates etc. User may also reminisce on his previous travel history and itinerary in read only mode.

Virtual Tour Itinerary for End User

On the day of travel is when User gets access to Day-wise timeline for his Trip. There will be Nodes of information as per each day of vacation based on his location& schedule of Flights – Hotels – Transfers – Restaurants – Cruise – Train – Sightseeing – City Wise Shopping – Nightlife – Adventures – Temples and On Tour Options. The user also has the option to call or locate the Hotel from the node. Integrated synchronization will redirect the call to his phone or location to maps on his phone. Live status of Flights, Trains or Cruise will be retrieved only upon payment to external API’s by the operator. Flight schedule is uploaded with the last updated time to avoid any confusion. This is to safeguard both the User & Operator in case your phone is not connected to internet for a long time.

We focus on POWER to the USER and have worked extensively along with Operators to give each user a unique and blissful experience even if he does manage to get lost. ABOVE the information concerning his travel itinerary, the operator may also provide assistive information like Country Guide – City Guide – Things to Do & Places to Eat in the city the user is visiting.

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