Why is Software Testing Indispensable?

It may not come as a surprise to many individuals already working in the field of Software Testing that the concept of Software Testing was intertwined with that of Debugging till 1979, when American computer scientist and renowned author Glenford Myers separated the two activities and a whole new line of Software Testing started taking shape.

So what is Software Testing? And why is it so important?

Software Testing, as the name indicates, is a process which provides companies or individuals an independent, objective view about the software as it tries to identify bugs and defects in the desired functioning of the software and verifies whether the product is fit for use.

Probably now we know why Software Testing is so much more important than ever. We are living in an age where there is a lot of competition in IT sector. A winning software product is quite often not the one which was developed using boatload of money but not tested enough – it is the one which was thoroughly tested. It is very important to iron out the software bugs and defects to ensure that the product works just as it was intended to for the end user, because if it does not, your customers may not think twice about switching their allegiances!

Key Features

TechPure can help you save time and money by identifying software bugs and defects earlier and foster delight for your end users!

End to End Testing

Comprehensive Testing by our team of experts

Latest Testing Tools

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Scalable Testing

Save time and optimize your infrastructure!

Why TechPure?

TechPure provides full-cycle testing and QA services for both desktop and mobile applications. At TechPure, we have a team of test engineers that have worked on testing and QA projects all over the world and have ensured that our services not only meet the industry benchmark, but surpass it on many counts.

We also offer software testing services by allocating custom dedicated Testing/ QA teams. A dedicated team directly collaborates and works with the client and her team exclusively on a single, turnkey project. Our methods follow the best industry practices – that is, it starts with understanding the client’s domain and needs, carving out an optimum strategy, choosing from the most appropriate and latest software tools, setting up the test data, executing meticulous tests, transferring the Test/ QA deliverables and also conducting a post-project/ post-sprint review.

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