Why is Social Media Marketing so important?

With over two billion active users, Social Media is a force to reckon with in digital marketing space. Any company neglecting to leverage the power of social media marketing can do so at its own peril.

Social Media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and others have their own criteria to organically promote your presence in their searches. For instance, YouTube factors views and user ratings to feature your content on the first page.

The key to organically grow followers on social media is to create relevant content that resonates with your target audience. For example, if you are a travel company then you can attract travel enthusiasts by posting interesting facts about exotic places around the world (and also places that you offer tour packages to!) in the form of text, graphics and video at regular intervals to keep the audience engaged. The use of hashtags, shares and likes also plays a crucial role in letting the social media algorithm understand what type of content you are posting and who they should show the content to.

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Social Media Management

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Our Philosophy

At TechPure, our entire team is in the loop pertaining to goal setting with the client. This ensures that there is complete clarity on what the client is expecting and how the team will deliver on those expectations.

Our versatile team of content writers, video developers, graphic designers and Social Media strategists work like an assembly line – the team discusses the activity, the content developers create the content base, then the graphic designers and video developers weave their magic and make the content come alive and then the Social Media strategists craftily place the content and monitor the traffic response.

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Paid Campaigns

We create and optimize paid marketing campaigns on all social media platforms

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We optimize your page settings & content as per the nuances of social media platforms

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We provide weekly reports on how our strategies are helping you create buzz on social media

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