What is Security Testing?

Websites and other applications are no longer the means to only marketing and promoting a company’s brand – they have outgrown their older purpose and now entire businesses and financial transactions worth billions of dollars are conducted online. So, it has become all the more important to be sure about the security of an application.

Security Testing is carried out to reveal the security loopholes in the system and determine how protected the data and resources are from potential security threats. The areas that need to be focused upon while security testing a system include Network Security and System Security – from both the client side and server side.

Security features checked under this scheme of testing must demonstrate elements of confidentiality, integrity, authentication, non-repudiation and authorization.

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Benefits of Security Testing

In cyberspace teeming with brute force attackers and spywares, it becomes highly important to protect the database from malware attacks.

The prime benefit of Security Testing is to understand the risks the system might be exposed to so that they can be dealt with before the system goes live. It provides a valuable framework so that the loopholes can be detected  before they become security risks for the end users as well as the company.

During the procedures such as Vulnerability Testing and Penetration Testing used while performing Security Test, the testers are able to identify a bug in the system that can be potentially manipulated with malicious intent or a weakness in the internal controls that can be exploited for intrusion.

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