What is Sanity Testing?

Sanity Tests are performed to quickly determine whether it is possible and reasonable to carry out deeper testing. If a test fails, then it may be unwise to carry our rigorous testing further and if it succeeds, there may be sufficient grounds to probe and test further. They are a subset of Regression Testing.

Sanity Testing is generally performed when there is not enough time to go into detailed testing. Hence, it comes into picture after build release. It is carried out during the software release to  ensure that the main functionalities of the software are working as they are expected to. Nowadays, they are generally employed on an automated build during the software development cycle.

For instance, you have just released a new feature – let’s say a ‘Sort’ feature in your software. Here, in Sanity Check, your main focus area is only the ‘Sort’ feature and once you have verified that the sorting mechanism indeed works as it was expected to, you move on to other major functionalities.

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Benefits of Sanity Testing

The biggest benefit of Sanity Testing is that it offers a quick, cost efficient means to determine whether deeper testing is required or not. Sanity Tests are used in conjunction with debugging softwares as they are an excellent help in deciding what to investigate next if the system is not functioning as it is expected to.

Sanity Testing also helps ascertain the state of the product after changes have been carried out in a software feature code. It helps identify and fix critical defects especially when you are on stringent release deadline and do not have the time to complete a thorough check.


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