What is Reliability Testing?

End users want reliable products. You cannot expect a user to be in a positive state of mind especially when he is worried whether an application s/he needs before a crucial business presentation will work as expected or not. Of course, it depends on the hardware as well, but it is the job of testing team to ensure that the problem does not originate from the software application.

Reliability Testing is conducted to test a software’s ability to operate smoothly under given conditions, for a specified amount of time. The outcome of Reliability Testing is usually a number. For instance, if one were to say that there is 97% probability that an Operating System will not crash if operated 10 hours straight, what s/he means is that the Operating System has 97% reliability. This reliability is calculated using a simple formula:

Probability (Reliability) = (No. of failed test cases)/ (Total number of test cases)

Reliability Testing can be broadly classified into three steps: Modelling, Measurement & Progress.

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Benefits of Reliability Testing

Reliability Testing helps uncover flaws in system design and functionality.

Reliability Testing not only helps determine the number of failed test cases in a specified amount of time, but also helps uncover the structure of repeating failures. Once this is revealed, it becomes easy to modify the code to ensure that the reliability of the software is enhanced.

The next step after detecting the bug is to conduct Performance Testing of various modules of software application after the preventive actions have been taken by the debugging team. This enhances the performance of the product as a whole.


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