What is Recovery Testing?

Developers and testers must take ample care to ensure that the software application does not crash. However, due to causes that are entirely external, sometimes, the software applications do crash. What then? It is therefore important to ascertain that it recovers from the crash as soon as possible. Recovery Testing is the procedure of testing how well an application can recover from crashes, hardware failures or any other causes.

During Recovery Testing, failure is forced into the application to check how well the recovery mechanism works. For instance, you want to recovery test a video streaming mobile application. The testers may start streaming the video online and then put off the internet connection abruptly or kill the application. If video starts from the inception, then it means that the application could not recover to the point the user has viewed and might negatively affect the user experience.

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Benefits of Recovery Testing

Recovery Testing is important to ensure end user satisfaction. There are many real life scenarios where the application might crash owing to external causes – such as loss of battery or abrupt issue with the hardware. In such cases, it is important that the app recovers to the exact point where the crash happened. This not only delights the customers, but also aids in enhancing the brand value of the company.

Additionally, Recovery Testing helps identify potential bugs in the system, enhances its robustness and improves performance and user experience of the application before it goes live.

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