Why is PPC Adwords strategy so important?


PPC is the popular abbreviation of pay-per-click, an advertising model where an advertiser pays some amount every time a targeted user clicks on the advertisement. While most search engines provide PPC advertisement options, it is the Google advertising that stands out owing to its humongous search volumes for different keywords.  Google allows advertisers to bid for different keywords for which the advertisers expect their ad to be shown in Google’s sponsored links. For instance, if we bid on the keyword “Digital Marketing Agency”, our ad may show up in the very top spot above organic search results.

Considering the fact that most most offline marketing channels like banners and billboards, newspaper and magazine ads and TV ads don’t provide the advertiser with precise analytics, the popularity of PPC Adwords is growing as they provide number of data points to help advertisers optimize their strategies. For example, Google Adwords provides various metrics to measure ad performance – Click through Rate (CTR), Ad impressions, Cost per Click (CPC) and Ad Rankings among many others.


Our PPC Adwords Services

We design smart, optimized PPC campaigns across all search engines and social media.

Ad Creation

We design attractive display ads for best results in Google & other search engines


We analyze & create best bidding strategies to drive maximum leads at minimum cost

Social Media

We build PPC campaigns to advertise on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram & Twitter

Our Philosophy

At TechPure, our entire team is involved in loop with the goal setting with the client. This ensures that there is complete clarity on what the client is expecting and how the team will deliver on those expectations.

Our versatile team of content writers, graphic designers and PPC strategists work like an assembly line – the team discusses the activity, the content developers create the ad content, then the graphic designers and video developers weave their magic and make the ad content come alive and then the PPC strategists craftily bid and place the ad and monitor the traffic response.

One Stop Solution!

Landing Page Creation

We create exquisite landing pages to channel hot leads through the sales funnel

PPC Audits

We can take a look at your existing PPC campaigns & consult on increasing your leads

LinkedIn & Quora

For relevant businesses, we offer PPC ad management services for both LinkedIn & Quora

Weekly Reports

We monitor & provide reports on your PPC campaign performance on weekly basis

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