What is Performance Testing?

There are certain desirable traits that a product developer wants in the software. Some of these traits can be response time, reliability and scalability.

Performance Testing is a type of Non-functional Testing technique that is employed to test the stability and responsiveness of a system under particular workload conditions. The objective of Performance Testing is not to find defects or bugs in the code, but to enhance the performance of the application by removing bottlenecks.

There are different sub-types of Performance Testing such as Stress Testing, Load Testing, Soak Testing, Breakpoint Testing, Spike Testing, Configuration Testing and Internet Testing among others.

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Benefits of Performance Testing

Through Performance Testing, it is possible to determine how a particular aspect of the software behaves under certain workload conditions. This is especially useful in comparing the performance of similar feature across softwares. Performance Testing at the right time can eliminate potential delays in system tuning and system deployment as well.

A lack of Performance Testing can lead to loss of customers, erosion of brand image, additional cost to fix performance issues later on and waste of money on purchasing high end hardware (when the real performance issue is with the software).

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