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Quoting marketing guru Jack Trout verbatim, “You have to be willing to attack yourself, making your own technology obsolete with new products. It’s hard for some companies to do that, and if you don’t, someone will. That’s what happened to them.” Though marketing has been one of humankind’s oldest activities, it is the one that is so often underrated. In today’s world where data driven and artificially intelligent technologies are disrupting the way companies make their products visible, it is imperative that your company should be equipped with the latest marketing tools.

TravelOne Marketing provides cloud-based marketing management, automates the marketing process, evaluates return on your investment, and aids continuous improvements in campaign performance. It empowers your marketing team to plan, execute, analyze and optimize returns on all marketing activities. TravelOne Marketing comprises complete campaign and list management, email marketing, social media campaigns, google ad campaigns and execution, customer and partner/agent management, web based marketing and collateral management.

Key Features

TravelOne Marketing, with a host of features, allows you to reach out to potential customers.

Campaign Management

Manage all marketing campaigns from one place

Boost Profits

Increase the effectiveness of your campaigns and boost profit margins

Easy to Use

Easy access and usability for your entire marketing team

Enjoy the Difference!

Lucid Marketing Processes: Store and organize all your marketing information, tasks and collateral in one place, thereby making it accessible across your marketing team.

Organize your campaigns: Through lucid processes, you can effortlessly collect, maintain, and share campaign information and metrics across all concerned parties.

Boost profit margins: Increase your profit margins by making your campaigns effective. Our smart tools allow you real time campaign monitoring and feedback so that you can quickly react to the marketing response and recalibrate your strategies accordingly.

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