What is Localization Testing?

In order to understand the term ‘Localization Testing’, it is important to understand what ‘Localization’ means in software parlance. ‘Localization’ is a  process to customize and redesign an application created for the domestic users for release in international markets. Localization adapts and incorporates different languages, regional differences and technical requirements of the target locale. The Graphical User Interface is also modified accordingly in order to make it relevant to the targeted audience.

So, Localization Testing is performed to check the localized version of a software in the context of a particular target culture or locale settings. The areas that undergo any change after Localization Testing is complete are the content and user interface.

On the other hand, Internationalization Testing/ Globalization Testing is performed to ensure that the application is suited for operation in any culture or locale irrespective of language or territory.

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Benefits of Localization Testing

Localization Testing improves the usability of the UI as it ensures that it is backed with context for the targeted user. Through this testing, one can avoid typographic and spelling errors – something which will portray your product in bad light in front of all those grammar nazi blog writers and critics.

Also, you may not have intended to, but without Localization Testing, it may so happen that your content is culturally or politically inappropriate and may spark unwanted controversy. Such gaffes can be avoided with effective Localization Testing.

Additionally, Localization Testing takes care of a slew of other factors such as operating system, text filters, sorting rules, spelling and grammar rules, printers, size of papers, date formats, address formats, rulers and measurements, video content, audio interface language and accent.

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