What is Load Testing?

A lot of websites experiencing heavy traffic (for instance, e-commerce websites) also experience significant downtime if not tested properly. Load Testing is one of the tests widely recommended to test the maximum operating capacity of a system, maximum sustainability of a system with respect to peak load and maximum concurrency of users that it can support.

One of the most widely conducted types of Performance Testing, Load Testing involves applying ordinary stress to a software application to see if it can perform as expected under the test conditions. Load testing is utmost suitable for a system with multiple users. Instances of such systems could be web servers.  Load Testing allows you to monitor a website’s QoS (Quality of Service) based on actual customer behaviour.

As is the case with all Performance Testing procedures, Load Testing is effective in identifying the performance bottlenecks in a system.

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Benefits of Load Testing

The instant benefits of Load Testing include the identification of performance impediments before the deployment of a system. Also by getting to know the operating capacity of a system, it helps in understanding the infrastructure needed to scale the system as the load increases.

One of the major advantages for websites with a big customer base is that the downtime can be reduced. This can be a great help in enhancing customer satisfaction as they are likely to find the website up and running when they need it the most.

Identifying performance concerns at an earlier stage helps in decreasing the failure costs.

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