Why are Lead Generation services important?


Lead Generation involves a set of activities that piques and captures the interest of potential customers in a company’s product or service. With the advent of a whole new set of digital marketing channels, Lead Generation processes have undergone a metamorphosis and they are still evolving. This means that digital marketing agencies like us always need to be on toes to keep discovering and inventing new ways to generate leads for our clients.

Our strength lies in the fact that we craft strategies that turn the mass media marketing paradigm on its head – instead of helping the company find potential customers, we lead customers to discover the company for themselves! This is difficult to master because there is a lot of information, lot of noise on the internet. Leading potential customers to our client companies is therefore no mean feat!

Our Lead Generation Services

We use multiple techniques to funnel hot leads into our clients' accounts!

Web & SEO

We help create & optimize your website to get you direct inquiries online

Social Media

We help you craft your social media strategy to drive both organic & non-organic leads

Affiliate Marketing

Pay only when you get business from hundreds of online marketers who work for you!

Our Philosophy

At TechPure, our entire team is in the loop pertaining to goal setting with the client. This ensures that there is complete clarity on what the client is expecting and how the team will deliver on those expectations.

Our versatile team of content writers, video developers, graphic designers and Lead Generation strategists work like an assembly line – the team discusses the activity, the content developers create the content, then the graphic designers and video developers weave their magic and make the content come alive and then the Lead Generation strategists craftily float the content online to lead potential customers to the client!

One Stop Solution!

Email Blasts

We design automated & personalized email campaigns with detailed analytics

PPC Adwords

Get guaranteed leads from PPC Adword campaigns on Google & social media

Bulk WhatsApp

Send images, PDF brochures, videos & updates to potential customers via WhatsApp


We build AI enabled chatbots to help you 24x7 to convert web visitors into hot leads