What is Interface Testing?

An interface is a connection between two internal or external components. This interface could be a set of commands or functions that dictates communication between the components. An Application Program Interface (API) or any other web service could serve as an interface.

Interface Testing is carried out on the Application Under Test (abbreviated as AUT) in order to ascertain whether the interfacing and subsequent communication between the software systems is executed correctly.

The interface testing is generally applied to an application or web or a database server interface to check whether the servers are executed correctly or not and how the errors are handled.

This testing ensures that end-users or customer should not encounter any problem when using a particular software product.

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Benefits of Interface Testing

Interface Testing is sine qua non for achieving best user experience. Interface Testing helps identify which application areas are frequently retrieved by users and how user friendly they are. Any defect here can negatively affect the response of the end users.

It helps check security requirements when there is active communication across the interface on internal and external systems.

Interface Testing also ascertains the capability to manage network failures between the website and application servers.

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