What is Install/ Uninstall Testing?

Software Installation is one of the most important aspects of testing as it is the first impression of the software application in the minds of users. If installation is not smooth and hassle free, then the end user might not have a very good impression about the product and might drop the idea of using the software mid-way. Similarly, if the uninstall process is not smooth, then again the end user might not spread a very good word about your software and might even misconstrue it as malware that is too adamant to be uninstalled.

Testing the procedures by which a software can be installed or uninstalled is what Install/ Uninstall Testing is all about. The testing methods can be both manual and automated. This sort of testing must focus on errors that occur in the install/ uninstall processes that affect the user’s perception and ability to use/ discard the software application.

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Benefits of Install/ Uninstall Testing

A Non-functional Testing type, the Install/ Uninstall Testing is probably the most vital aspect of component testing because if not done systematically, it can negatively impact the reputation of a company and its potential business.

Nowadays, people use multiple devices and with each device there might be a different computing environment. If the install/ uninstall features are properly tested across multiple computing environments while keeping in mind the end user’s expectations, then in fact the same user might use your software application on  all the multiple device that s/he has. This can create strong reputation for the company and can translate into phenomenal revenues as well!

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