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Acquiring, training and retaining talent forms the nucleus of any business strategy. Modern behemoths focus on two things: taking care of their customers and taking care of their employees. The TechPure HRM feature helps you increase the satisfaction quotient of your workforce by ensuring that there is transparency and efficiency in your employee dealings from payroll to performance tracking.

Why waste time doing your HRM manually when you can manage employee compensation globally, streamline administrative processes, define and monitor performance parameters for employees and reduce time, cost and manual errors?

TechPure HRM will automate wherever possible, and monitor several HR functions of your business, so that you can devote more time to business functions that require your acumen!

Key Features

Spend more time bonding and understanding your employees and less time managing them!


Manage HR salaries & costs from your device!

Monitor Performance

An efficient performance tracking system!


Upgrade the skill-set of your employees!

A Gamut of Features!

TravelOne HRM you the power to integrate country-specific localization extensions to help you control your world-wide HR operations. The Attendance Tracker can automate your company’s time and attendance tracking process and provide a lucid interface for time entry and approval. TravelOne Recruitment ensures that your recruitment personnel can manage all phases of recruitment, from floating vacancies with job descriptions to handing out offer letters. The Performance Monitoring feature helps you deploy a transparent and efficient performance management system for your workforce.

The feature which stands out is the Training module. With this feature you can not only create multiple customized tests and learning modules, but also measure the efficacy of your training programs.

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