What is Functional Testing?

Functional testing is a type of black-box testing in which the input values are fed into the functional components and the corresponding output is observed. Unlike White Box Testing methods, the internal program structure is not considered. It is fundamentally concerned with how the system behaves.

Unlike common misconception that Functional Testing detects flaws in a function of a module or a class, it tests a portion of the functionality of the entire system.

Functional Testing types include Unit Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing, System Testing, Smoke Testing, Sanity testing, Interface Testing, Regression Testing and Beta/ Acceptance Testing among many others.

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Objective Characterization

Our feedback is based on measurements and metrics

Why TechPure?

Having worked with clients from all over the world, we have been able to develop standard operating processes at TechPure, along with defining objectives and parameters for Functional Testing.

We ensure that are able to contribute towards increasing usability, reliability and portability of your software. We ensure that your product works as expected and the end user is satisfied with your product. We believe that anything that can’t be measured can’t be monitored and improved upon. There is no room for subjective opinion and characterization while conducting Functional Testing and hence we include a lot of measurables to ensure that our feedback is data backed and objective.

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