Why is Email Marketing so important?


E-mail marketing is one of those traditional digital marketing practices that is relevant even in today’s world of cutting edge online marketing options. What makes this strategy tick is the return on investment – the ROI! According to multiple independent surveys, it has been established that Email marketing is still going strong and is a vital piece of any company’s strategy to generate hot leads.

Having said that, marketers who shoot thousands of emails in the dark hoping that they would get leads are left heartbroken at the end of the campaign! Reason? The campaign wasn’t analytics driven! At TechPure, we offer complete email campaign management from designing and writing emails that are more likely to prompt a user into taking an action to monitoring how many people actually opened the email and took an expected action!

Our Email Marketing Services

We don't shoot emails in the dark - we strategize!

Content Writing

Our team writes content that connects to the receivers & increases lead generation

Template Design

We design irresistible emails that compel receivers into taking an expected action!

Bulk Email

We provide bulk emailing services along with meaningful analytics & regular reporting

Our Philosophy

At TechPure, our entire team is in the loop pertaining to goal setting with the client. This ensures that there is complete clarity on what the client is expecting and how the team will deliver on those expectations.

Our versatile team of content writers, video developers, graphic designers and Email Marketing strategists work like an assembly line – the team discusses the activity, the content developers create the email content, then the graphic designers and video developers weave their magic and make the content come alive and then the Email Marketing strategists craftily shoot the content on a mailing list and monitor the lead response.

360 Degree E-mail Marketing

User Segmentation

We segment potential customers using the RFM model - Recency, Frequency & Monetary Value

Automated Mails

We help you send automated, personalized & elegant emails to relevant customers

A/B Testing

We add variations to the email and test the response in order to determine a winner


We craft newsletters in order to engage the audience with your brand on a regular basis

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