What is “TravelOne” DMC software about?

“TravelOne” is the most enhanced travel software which can cater to travel agents, tour operators and destination management companies, giving a wide scopeto manage and control while changing the orthodox methods applied till the early 20thcentury. This web application addresses all the old traditional functions efficiently while allowing the primary owner to modify access and features for all other users like agents, tour operators, DMC and more.

“TravelOne” developed at TechPure oversees all aspects catering to travel industry like multiple branch operations, customized inventory, quotation & cost sheets. It also offers flexible reservations while assisting in seamless and effective operations. Accounts being the most important aspect are wellcovered and documented with features like reporting, vouchers and invoicing.

All the above mentioned features are designed as per needs of Travel Companies, Tour Operators and Destination Management companies, to services modules of Production, Reservations, Operations and Accounts. These features enhance your daily operations and assist company staff to shorten delivery time to the end user.

Utility and Benefits of “TravelOne”

  • Expand your market by multiple branches while keeping your accounts and profit sharing in order
  • Customize, Modify or add new services or packages to individual or group tour quotations
  • Synchronized onlinecurrency exchange ratesas pertime, markets & agents
  • Customize inventory, itinerary & quotations
  • Options allowing reservation and cost changes at any stage even after booking confirmation
  • Assists extensively in breakdown of cost for bundled packages, accounting, net and gross profit for financial planning
  • Automated intimation of arrivals, departures, pickup points reducing your carbon footprints by minimal or no use of paper trails
  • One click report, vouchers, invoices and itinerariesgeneration

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