What is Compliance Testing?

Once all other types of tests have been carried out, one of the tests to be conducted thereafter is Compliance Testing which is also known as Conformance Testing. Compliance Testing, as the name suggests, is performed to check whether the software meets the requirements of technical standards, contract terms, regulations or specifications.

For instance, the software product has to adhere to the standards laid down by international organizations such as IEEE and W3C.  Similarly, the industry for which the application has been designed may also have certain regulatory bodies prescribing certain norms. Additionally, there could be certain compliance standards laid down by the company internally as well; it is the testing team’s job to ensure that all these set of regulations and compliances are adhered to within the application.

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Benefits of Compliance Testing

Compliance Testing instils confidence among users that the application conforms to the internal and external standards and behaves as expected. This enhances the brand value of the product and thereby the company.

It decreases the financial and brand risk of the company behind development of the software by safeguarding stability, reliability, interoperability, portability and integrity.

Compliance Testing also helps detect areas that are to be complied with in conjunction with those which are not to be conformed with – such as syntax and semantics

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