What is Compatibility Testing?

Today, the end users want software applications that are truly dynamic in the sense that they do not have to worry about whether the application would work or not if they changed the OS or hardware or any other component of the computing ecosystem. To ensure compatibility across all major computing environments, a Non-functional Testing procedure known as Compatibility Testing is performed.

Compatibility Testing ensures that the software application works as it is designed to across various mobile applications, operating systems, browsers, databases, web servers and other networking tools.

Compatibility Testing can be categorized into two broad classes:

Forward Compatibility Testing, which ascertains that the software application is compatible with the upcoming versions of computing environment, and

Backward Compatibility Testing, which ensures that the software application is compatible with the older versions of a computing environment.

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Benefits of Compatibility Testing

In today’s era where disruption in technology rules the roost, it is important that the applications must be compatible with as many hardware, software, Operating Systems and platforms as possible. Compatibility distinguishes a winning product from the hoi polloi.

Compatibility Testing not only ensures that the product meets all the requirements agreed upon by both the developer and the end user but also ascertains that the software is versatile and is compatible with all the current computing ecosystems.

An effective Compatibility Test also verifies how stable and dynamic the software application is in various computing environments before the launch of the application.

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