Intelligent, not just Smart!

It’s time to bid adieu to manual reports and Excel sheets! TechPure Business Intelligence does much more than just providing simple pie charts and bar graphs. It is a mammoth, data crunching suite with 360 degree business intelligence capabilities.

You can stay ahead of your competitors with accurate forecasting and optimal reporting. Diagnose business challenges fast so that you can respond to them faster than your competitors can.

With this awesome feature, you have eyes both within and outside your company. You can access various streams of data flowing at all the levels in your organization and expedite remedial action as and when needed. You can drive all your operations efficiently and nurture smart business processes through industry proven best practices, simple and elegant dashboards, reports, and analytics.

Key Features

The most comprehensive real time data stream to help you steer you business on the right path!

Powerful Data-drill

Access informative graphs, tables and sheets

Business Forecasting

Avail data driven business forecasting


Unlimited storage and access across devices!

A Data-driven Approach!

With TechPure Business Intelligence, you get to see meaningful and informative graphs, tables and sheets that can easily translate into actionable points.

Want to loop in more people to discuss the plan of action on your latest BI report? You can share selective reports with the concerned people in your company. You even have the flexibility to export data and insights on your spreadsheet or PDF.

You can rely on our forecasting tool to plan your budget for the next month, quarter or year. It can help you optimize the allocation of resources across various operations in your business.

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